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Ace Web Engine

We have listened to our clients over time about issues they face in updating their websites. UBC Web Design have created our own Content Management System (CMS) called the 'Ace Web Engine' to combat most of the issues you might face when updating your website.

Our Ace Web Engine has been designed so that literally anyone can quickly and easily make unlimited content and page changes to their website, saving huge amounts of money and time so that the website owner can spend more time working on their business.

We have strived and succeeded in removing the pain and frustration away from editing websites.

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UBC Web Cast


Web Casting is very popular with news and events as people want to hear about the events as they happen. A web cast is a live broadcast via the internet.

Web Casting is currently being used with great success by Redline Speedway to broadcast their race meets.

People from all over the country are able to be involved with the excitement of event with their friends, family and colleagues.

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Domain Names

A domain name is simply an internet address that is used to find your website and it's information. It is similar to your own business or organisation's address - it tells people where to find you.

It's easy to register your own domain name or we can do it for you.

Domain Name Search - see if the domain name you want is available.

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