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Google AdWords

The Google AdWords program is the easiest online marketing solution for businesses today. Quickly having your website appearing on the world's top search engine and generating quality leads with complete control by a dedicated accounts manager.

Delivering quality results at the right price, a dedicated account manager will work with you to achieve your goals on Google. Using a highly developed system of optimisation, UBC Web Design will provide the online leads you need to help your sales grow.

After identifying your target audience, a list of keyword search phrases will be generated for your approval. This list is well researched to ensure that you’re not paying a fortune for your Google advertising.  We’ll also create two variations of Text Ads for each ad group that will be optimised using a split-testing approach which allows us to tune your advertising to your target market.

Once approved, your account is set up and your Ads will start appearing on Google within minutes. Your account manager will then closely monitor your campaign, ensuring that it remains optimised for maximum gain. Each month, you will receive fortnightly reports outlining the progress of your campaign.


With all Google AdWords campaigns we also create a remarketing campaign, which allows you to show ads to people who have visited or your website in the past. This gives you the ability to promote your services to visitors who have already been to your site and will often result in better conversion rates. Remarketing campaigns are utilised on websites such as YouTube.

Conversion Tracking

To assist you in working out how valuable your campaign is performing we use multiple forms of conversions tracking including; lead tracking after a website form has been filled out, tracking sales once a purchase has been completed on your website and phone tracking.

Phone Conversion Tracking

This method of conversion tracking can be done two ways:

  1. Using a phone forwarding number – this will swap out your phone number for either a 1800 phone number or localised phone number for your website. This phone number will then redirect to your main phone number and will allow us to track any phone calls made to your business via AdWords.
  2. Installing phone tracking on your website – this will also swap out your phone number but this will occur on your website. Any user that lands on your website via a Google AdWords ad will result in your phone numbers automatically being changed on the website.

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