SEO Services

Being found by potential clients in the search engines is always an interesting experience and one every business should try and maximise.

Search Engine Optimisation, also known as SEO, comes down to a number of key elements that need to be incorporated into your website’s content:

  • Utilising relevant keywords within the content that people are searching for;
  • Professionally laid out content that is easily read by your visitors. This keeps them engaged, which will help result in a conversion/sale either online or via phone/in store;
  • Providing as much information to potential clients as possible in your website about your products and/or services.

Let’s find out more about Search Engine Optimisation and how UBC Web Design can assist you and your website’s ranking.

Custom SEO Assessment

The Custom SEO Assessment is a report that is generated for your website which includes the following information:

  • Analysing the top 50 keywords and phrases specific to your business;
  • Measuring how many times the top 50 keywords and phrases are searched for each month;
  • Measure where your website currently ranks for the top 50 keywords and phrases.

From the keyword research we then complete a Custom SEO Assessment on your website and generate a report with recommendations and changes for each of the main pages within your website.

  • Meta Title;
  • Meta Keywords;
  • Meta Description;
  • Page URL/File Name;
  • Page Heading;
  • Suggested page content changes;
  • Suggested creation of new pages.

Once the report has been generated and sent to you we will then organise a telephone meeting to explain the report and reasons behind our recommendations.

Once you have approved the changes we will then go ahead and implement the changes to the website. This excludes content writing.

6 weeks after all of the suggested changes have been completed to the website we will then complete another report to measure the improvement in your website. We will also compare where you were ranking within the search engines before the SEO Assessment to where you are now ranking within the search engines.

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