A responsive website with an interactive menu on the Home page. This is a Deluxe website that features an additional Events Calendar to promote upcoming holidays and events.<br /><a class='button' href='http://www.theamericancreswick.com.au/' target='_blank'>Visit site</a>
A Starter website with an EDM to keep customers up to date with products, classes and workshops. We helped them update their branding by designing a new logo, business card, loyalty card and outdoor sign.<br /><a class='button' href='http://www.tritecartsupplies.com.au/' target='_blank'>Visit site</a>
A Deluxe website with a Product Editor to showcase their extensive range of products. Featuring an impressive slideshow that changes height depending on which page you are viewing.<br /><a class='button' href='http://www.matelecaustralia.com.au/' target='_blank'>Visit site</a>
A Starter website with a simplistic design. This website creates an online presence with all their menu options for customers to view and download.<br /><a class='button' href='http://www.davincisballarat.com.au/' target='_blank'>Visit site</a>
A Single Page website displaying a number of scrolling images to promote their product range. This is a responsive website.<br /><a class='button' href='http://www.satinandstones.com.au/' target='_blank'>Visit site</a>
A Commerce website with shopping cart for easy online purchasing. People can enrol in the many retreats and courses they have available by using the online enrolment form.<br /><a class='button' href='http://www.yogavic.org.au/' target='_blank'>Visit site</a>

Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development covers a wide area. You might be looking for a Single Page site for a market stall or to get your cafe menu online, or perhaps you need an Online Shop to make your product available around the world. Whatever the project, we're able to help get you going. Browse through our portfolio and get in touch to discuss your project.

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Web & Email Hosting

Website and Email Hosting is just one service of many we offer. You can quickly be setup with your own Australian based hosting for your website, blog, online storage or to get personal or professional email linked with your business.

Our hosting features 99% uptime, regular offsite backups, 24 hour monitoring and most importantly, they are quick for you and your customers.

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Domain Names

A domain name is an internet address that is used to navigate visitors to your website and the information and service you have to offer. Your domain name can be just about anything you like, so long as someone else hasn't already beaten you to register.

You're able to register your own domain name pretty easily at domain.ubcwebdesign.com.au, or give our office a call and we'll take care of registration for you, on top of that we'll monitor when it's coming up for renewal and keep it going for you.

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