Blog«Changes to domains in Australia are coming...don't be left behind.
Changes to domains in Australia are coming...don't be left behind.
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24 March 2022
23 July 2024
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Tomorrow, AUDA, the Australian Domain name authority, launches its new .au domain names.

At the moment, the official domain extension for Australian businesses is, but as of tomorrow, .au domains will also be available to register.

For example, instead of using, you can have



The good news is, you have the first access to register your business's domain before they go on public sale in six months’ time.

And while it’s true that a business has to have a legitimate reason to buy a business domain, we always like to err on the side of caution for the small amount of money domains cost. Ask us how many UBC domains we have! 

We know from first-hand experience how costly and hard it is to get a domain back once it’s gone. Your domains are also, of course, an asset, especially when selling your business.



We are proud to offer these new domains for sale to add to your account. They will be the same price as the domains at $88 for two years.

Just contact us telling us which ones you want and which ABN you would like it registered with, and we’ll do the rest.

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