Blog«The Apple Watch – Technology for tomorrow’s crime fighters
The Apple Watch – Technology for tomorrow’s crime fighters
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23 July 2015
21 May 2024
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From Dick Tracey to James Bond to David Plunkett:

Over the past 50 years there have been movies, comics and other works of fiction that have featured some pretty cool devices. Sometimes I look at a new device and think “Hey! Didn’t I see that in a James Bond movie?” The new Apple Watch is no exception.

69 years after Dick Tracey made people realise that a watch could be used for more than just telling time, the Apple Watch has got us all talking into our wrists.

Now, with its touchscreen technology, the Apple Watch has a lot more functionality than just being a watch and a radio.

Here is a brief overview of the Apple Watch’s features:

  • Receive phone calls
  • Make phone calls through Siri voice recognition
  • Receive messages
  • Send Messages with pre-programmed responses or with voice to text technology
  • Access Google Maps and get directions to your Apple Watch
  • Control music streaming from your iPhone
  • Keep track of your daily activity level
  • Monitor your heart rate and calories burnt with the Workout App
  • And more

Oh, of course it can also tell the time!

Apple Watch

Dick Tracey's Watch Circa 1946 VS The 2015 Apple Watch

Along with all the different Apps you can access through the Home Screen, there are many different customisation options for the Apple Watch face along with options to show other information with the time: date, current weather, etc.

We have had firsthand experience with how good these features are, as David (being the tech head that he is) had to have one. So if you see David around the place talking to his wrist, don’t worry! He’s just seen Flattop Jones, and is calling the Chief for backup.

David's thoughts:

Since I got my Apple Watch, it has become an integral part of how I operate on a day to day basis. It takes the convienience of a Smartphone to the next level, with so many handy little functions that I could not do without at this point.

Some of the main things I use the Apple Watch for are:

Calendar / Diary
The calendar / diary syncs to my iPhone. This makes it easy to check for upcoming appointments on my Apple Watch.

Receiving Calls
The Apple Watch rings when I have an incoming call which is great when I leave my phone on my desk.
I can answer the calls on my Apple Watch but prefer to use my mobile for calls.

Controlling my Phone
I can put my phone on silent from my Apple Watch which is a handy feature for meetings and appointments.

The activity app is great, it records my movement, excercise and stand time each day which gets synced to my iPhone 6.

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